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[ The Blue-Car and Red-Car ]

The Blue Car: 1999 Corvette Coupe.
5.7L V8, 345HP, A4. All the comfort options, including sports seats and HUD.
Purchased new on April 1, 1999.

The Green Car: 2010 Mercury Milan.
2.5L Hybrid, 191HP, CVT. Almost every available option, but HUD was not available :(
(Gasoline 156HP and Electric 106HP, Combined for peak 191HP.)
Purchased new on October 08 2009.

The Black Car (sold in 2009): 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.
3.8L V6 Supercharged, 240HP, A4. Just about every option, including HUD.
This is just like a car I almost bought in 1999. Purchased used in September 2004.

The Red Car (sold in 2004): 1991 Oldsmobile CS Intl.
3.4L V6 DOHC, 24V, 205HP. A4. My first car with HUD.

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